All Eyes on Michigan's Senate Race as GOP Groups Make Final Push and Biden Calls in Backup

Posted: Oct 30, 2020 1:20 PM
All Eyes on Michigan's Senate Race as GOP Groups Make Final Push and Biden Calls in Backup

Source: AP Photo/Paul Sancya

In the final days of Michigan’s battleground race, which has Democrats in a full-blown panic, Republican groups are making one final push to boost GOP candidate John James. The Army combat veteran and rising star in the GOP has forced Democrats to spend upwards of $30 million to bail out incumbent Sen. Gary Peters (D), in what operatives had hoped to be a safe hold for Democrats.

Senate Leadership Fund (SLF), a powerhouse GOP advocacy group aligned with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), is pumping an additional $4 million into advertising in the last four days of Michigan’s battleground race. SLF has already gone to bat for James throughout the cycle, helping the GOP challenger close in on Sen. Peters, and now reportedly sees the race as “within the margin of error.”

On the state level, Better Future MI Fund is also spending late in support of James. The group is solely dedicated to unseating Sen. Peters. 

"National Democrats have spent over $30 million to keep profiteering Gary Peters, who has over doubled his personal wealth during his decade in D.C., as a rubber stamp in the hopes of passing a far-left agenda including the job-killing Green New Deal and Medicare-for-all," said Tori Sachs, executive director of Better Future MI Fund. "Better Future MI Fund was started by Michiganders to expose Peters’ record of self-enrichment and failed leadership. Michiganders deserve more than bought and paid for rubber stamp politicians like Gary Peters. Better Future MI Fund was proud to expose Peters’ failed record and support Army veteran and job creator John James.”

Joe Biden most certainly saw the polls that show Sen. Peters at risk, in addition to President Trump’s surge in Michigan. The former vice president called on his former boss, President Barack Obama, to campaign in Michigan over the weekend in hopes of dragging Sen. Peters over the finish line. 

James, pointing out that Sen. Peters has a dismal legislative record and an alarmingly low name identification percentage among constituents, said that he is “not intimidated” by the former president’s campaign stop in Michigan.

President Trump is also heading to Michigan on Friday, Sunday and Monday. His final stop will be in Grand Rapids, where he also concluded his 2016 campaign ahead of his landslide victory. The president stumped for James this week already, pointing out that the GOP star is running against an incumbent Senator that “no one has ever heard of.”

In what was once viewed as an easy race for Democrats, James has put his opponents on notice. Michigan’s Senate race is certainly one to watch on Tuesday night.

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