Republican Attorneys General Spotlight 'Lawless' Record of Kamala Harris

Posted: Oct 07, 2020 4:00 PM
Republican Attorneys General Spotlight 'Lawless' Record of Kamala Harris

Source: AP Photo/Gerry Broome

The Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) unveiled a blistering ad about their former colleague and current Democratic vice presidential candidate, Sen. Kamala Harris, ahead of Wednesday night’s vice presidential debate in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The ad paints Sen. Harris as “the original lawless liberal,” citing her stances on far-left policies, including the Green New Deal, court-packing, and the anti-police movement. The GOP Attorneys General cite Sen. Harris’ refusal to condemn the fringe movement that seeks to “defund the police,” equating the vice presidential hopeful with “lawless mobs.”

RAGA Chairman and Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry dubbed Biden and Harris as "liberal extremists."

"Americans need safety and security, not mobs and anarchy, which unfortunately Harris continues to support. During tonight's debate, it will become even more clear that America needs the strong leadership of President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, not a radical takeover of the country that would be led by liberal extremists Joe Biden and Kamala Harris," he said ahead of the vice presidential debate.

The issue of law and order will likely come up in Wednesday night’s debate. The records of Vice President Mike Pence and Sen. Harris could not be more staunchly different. While Sen. Harris refuses to condemn violent mobs and riots that plague American cities, Vice President Pence and the Trump administration have championed a return to law and order.