Sen. Grassley to Joe Biden: Release a List of Potential Supreme Court Nominees

Posted: Sep 16, 2020 4:00 PM
Sen. Grassley to Joe Biden: Release a List of Potential Supreme Court Nominees

Source: Jim Bourg/Pool Image via AP

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), the former chair and current GOP member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, pressed former Vice President Joe Biden to release his list of nominees for a potential vacancy on the Supreme Court, were he to be elected in November.

“I hope Vice President Biden will agree with me that the American people deserve this information before the election, not after,” Grassley said. “I call on Vice President Biden to release the list of names from which he would nominate to the Supreme Court, no later than September 30th.”

President Trump unveiled his list of names under consideration for Supreme Court appointments, were he to win a second term, last week. The list included an additional 20 names, on top of his potential nominees from 2016. 

Grassley said that the Democratic ticket owes the same “transparency” on Supreme Court appointments that President Trump has given to voters:

"The Biden-Harris ticket owes voters the same transparency President Trump has demonstrated along with the same commitment to nominate from that list should there be a vacancy. There’s no reason to hide something as consequential as who would be named to our highest court.”

President Trump has made appointing qualified jurists to the Supreme Court and federal bench a priority during his first term in office. Biden previously committed to releasing a list of exclusively African American women who the former vice president would nominate to the Supreme Court, but has yet to release any list.