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Biden Gaslights Voters on Violent Protests After His Aides Donated to Bail Fund for Rioters

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Ahead of his campaign stop in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, former Vice President Joe Biden insinuated that the violent riots taking over American cities would not come to an end under President Trump’s administration. 


The Democratic nominee ignores the inconvenient truth, that the cities seeing unrest are dominated by Democratic leadership. Even so, President Trump continually offers federal aid and the use of law enforcement officers to put an end to violence in cities, but is dismissed by Democratic officials. 

Biden also leaves out that his campaign played a role in letting violent rioters out of jail. A handful of his staffers donated to a bail-fund for rioters, and Kamala Harris, his newly-minted running mate, encouraged supporters to contribute to the fund:


Biden and his campaign allies took months to softly condemn the violence perpetuated by left-wing activists, that is taking over cities, as polling shows Americans favor law and order over violent riots disguised as “peaceful protests.”

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