'It Needs to End TONIGHT:' Sen. Cotton Tells POTUS to Use Insurrection Act to Crush Rioters

Posted: Jun 01, 2020 11:05 AM
'It Needs to End TONIGHT:' Sen. Cotton Tells POTUS to Use Insurrection Act to Crush Rioters

Source: AP Photo/Alex Brandon

In the wake of violent riots and looting in cities nationwide, after the death of George Floyd, both Republican and Democratic lawmakers are largely silent as cities see mass vandalism. President Trump denounced the violence, and deemed ANTIFA, a group spearheading the violence and looting, as a terrorist organization. 

While there is a bipartisan push for the president to address the nation directly, Sen. Tom Cotton is pushing President Trump to use the Insurrection Act. If enacted, active-duty military would be deployed to combat violence and assist law enforcement officers; the Insurrection Act gives the president discretion to employ the military as he sees fit, to suppress rebellions, bring back public order and enforce the law of the land. The Insurrection Act is intended to be used when "domestic violence has occurred to such an extent that the constituted authorities of the State or possession are incapable of maintaining public order."

“There are a lot of tools that the president and the Department of Justice has in their tool kit, from the Insurrection Act to the Explosives Act, to the Riot Act that can be used to stop this anarchy,” Sen. Cotton said on Fox News. “The video of George Floyd’s death is deeply disturbing. I welcome the quick action by local authorities and the Department of Justice to investigate, to get the facts, and to do justice for George Floyd in accordance with law. We always respect the rights of peaceful protesters, but anarchy, rioting and looting, we have zero tolerance for that. And it needs to end tonight.” 

President Trump has not yet indicated what action he intends to take to deal with the mass acts of violence in cities nationwide, but seemed to agree with Sen. Cotton. 

The Washington Post reported that the use of the Insurrection Act is not yet under consideration, despite the president's apparent agreement:

The president also called out the rioters on Twitter: