Watch: America Rising Blasts 'Career Politician' Joe Biden

Posted: May 14, 2020 1:50 PM
Watch: America Rising Blasts 'Career Politician' Joe Biden

Source: AP Photo/Matt Rourke

GOP research group America Rising, which works to hold Democrats accountable, released a new video criticizing Joe Biden as a career politician. Indeed, as the GOP powerhouse group points out, the Democratic frontrunner is the ultimate swamp creature. Between 8 years as vice president, a 32-year tenure in the Senate, and two previous bids for the White House, Biden embodies the idea of a career politician perfectly.

The GOP group was also one of the first to call on Biden to release documents from his 32-year career in the Senate, which may contain additional information with respect to Tara Reade's allegations of sexual assault against Biden. The collection of records is currently hidden from the public at the University of Delaware; while Biden claims that he has nothing to hide, the former vice president has the power to unseal the records, but has yet to do so:

Biden’s decades-long political career underscores a substantial reason for President Trump’s election in 2016. Voters rejected Hillary Clinton for her history of corruption, of course, but also her own tenure in politics. In then-candidate Trump, voters saw an outsider who resonated with the average American and who would fight against Washington, D.C. norms. President Trump’s signature “drain the swamp” slogan helped to put him in the White House. 

The Democrats’ choice to nominate Biden for the presidency shows that nothing was learned from 2016. Though Biden is hailed as a “unity” figure by Democrats and members of the mainstream media, the former vice president is just the opposite: another power-seeking, career politician with hopes of implementing his agenda.