CA-25: Smith Raises Awareness for Sexual Assault While Remaining Silent on Tara Reade's Claims

Posted: Apr 29, 2020 6:15 PM

California’s 25th Congressional district is set to hold a special election for the seat previously held by former Rep. Katie Hill (D), who resigned in light of a sex scandal. Though Hill flipped the seat from red to blue in 2018, this special election is highly targeted by both Republicans and Democrats. Republican Mike Garcia is hoping to flip the seat back to the GOP, over Assemblywoman and ally of Katie Hill, Christy Smith. Cook Political Report rates the seat as a toss-up. 

After mocking Garcia’s military service earlier this week, and then being forced to apologize for her distasteful comments, Smith took to Twitter to recognize Sexual Assault Awareness Month:

During her time in California’s Assembly, Smith wrote legislation to combat sexual harassment and assault in schools:

In a recent virtual town hall with the NARAL Pro-Choice America, Smith condemned the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh:

“We’ve suffered enough risk with having Kavanaugh placed on the court,” she says.

Sexual assault and harassment are heinous crimes that deserve careful consideration, without violating the due process rights of the accused, and while still listening to those who come forward. But when politicians only express concern when a member of the opposite political party is accused, purely for political gain, their credibility on the issue is depleted. Thus far, Smith has said nothing about the credible, graphic allegations against her party’s nominee for president, Joe Biden. While she railed against Brett Kavanaugh, who faced less credible, uncorroborated allegations, and claims to “support victims,” Smith remains silent on Tara Reade’s claims against Biden. Smith is not alone in her silence. Democrats nationwide who previously claimed to believe and support women who make these claims are refusing to even question the former vice president. 

The question remains, for Smith and a host of other national Democrats: do they believe all women who make claims of sexual misconduct, or only women who accuse Republicans?

The special election for the 25th Congressional District is set for May 12.