Bernie Attacks Biden, Pushes Hyde Amendment Lie

Posted: Mar 15, 2020 9:35 PM
Bernie Attacks Biden, Pushes Hyde Amendment Lie

Source: AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) and former Vice President Joe Biden took the debate stage Sunday night on CNN. Sen. Sanders came out swinging against VP Biden, attacking him on controversial votes such as the Iraq War, NAFTA and the Hyde Amendment. 

Sen. Sanders rewrote history on the Hyde Amendment, claiming that the legislation inhibits women from obtaining abortions. Sen. Sanders’s claim, on national television, is deeply rooted in falsehoods. The Hyde Amendment was originally passed in 1976 by an overwhelming, bipartisan majority in Congress. The Hyde Amendment simply prohibits federal dollars from funding abortions, via Medicaid funds. It in no way prevents women from seeking abortions, and merely just protects American taxpayers from paying for abortions.

Sen. Sanders’s sentiment, although false, is not unfounded; Vice President Biden has changed his stance on the Hyde Amendment multiple times, as part of his challenge to appease both the progressive left and moderate voters. Although an original supporter of the measure, Biden came out against the Hyde Amendment in his campaign rollout, and continues to double down on his support for taxpayer-funded abortion.

The radical rhetoric, based in logical fallacies, on the Hyde Amendment from Sen. Sanders and VP Biden highlights Democrats’ progressive shift on the issue of abortion. At one time, Democrats embraced the Hyde Amendment, a direct protection for taxpayers, as the common sense policy that it is.