Biden Team Responds to CNN Report of Potential Injunction

Posted: Feb 04, 2020 1:40 PM
Biden Team Responds to CNN Report of Potential Injunction

Source: (AP Photo/John Locher

Update: Henry Gomez of BuzzFeed News says that a Biden aide tells him that CNN's report is false:

Original Post: Results from the Iowa caucuses are still missing in action, and voters everywhere are waiting on the edge of their seats. The Democrats are avoiding addressing the technology malfunction head-on. Allegedly, the majority of results out of Iowa should be released by 5p.m. today. Given the absurd waiting period, it is unclear if this 5p.m. target will even be met.

The delay in results has caused a stir among all the presidential campaigns, and has caused many to question the legitimacy of the results. The DNC has assured voters and those following the election that the technological errors were  not due to a cyber security breach:

In response, former Vice President Joe Biden's campaign is allegedly floating the idea of filing an injunction against the full release of the Iowa caucus results, questioning the legitimacy of the results:

If filed, this injunction would be a blow to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the caucus process as a whole, from the Biden campaign.