"Pretty Face to Sell Guns to Men," Women's March Smears Dana Loesch

Posted: Jul 17, 2017 5:00 PM

Following NRA Spokeswoman Dana Loesch’s new video in support of Second Amendment freedom, which had the Left outraged, the Women’s March protesters  were back in the streets of the District, this time marching from the NRA headquarters to the Department of Justice. Ironically, despite their false claim that the Women’s March represents all women, this march was in protest of a fellow woman.

This march was nothing more than a publicity stunt by the radical feminists who make the the Women’s March group, and a hypocritical one. Most notably, Loesch was smeared by a progressive man involved with the march. “Don’t let the NRA use you, Dana, as a pretty face to sell guns to men,” the activist professed.

As always, the radical feminists on the Left were silent as a fellow woman was slandered in a sexist manner, simply because Loesch does not comply with the gun-grabbing agenda of the Left.

The most ironic aspect of the march? The organizers were protected by men who were armed:

This stunt makes the motivations of the “Women’s” March remarkably clear: these activists only want to represent women who follow their progressive agenda, and anyone who does not is not welcome in the movement. 

Watch Dana Loesch blast the hypocritical, one-size-fits-all Women's March activists here: