Americans Oppose Bailing Out the Newspaper Industry

Posted: Jun 15, 2010 10:48 AM
According to a new survey by Rasmussen, seven out of 10 Americans are opposed to bailing out the struggling newspaper industry like we did Wall Street and the automobile industry. This is up from 65% from a survey done in March 2009.

The key take away in all this is that Americans oppose the government getting involved in financially sustaining the industry due in large part to the concern that newspapers will be less likely to report objectively on government officials and policies. I think that's a legitimate concern. After all, it's not smart to bite the hand that feeds you.

Another interesting finding is that an overwhelming 85% of Americans believe that maintaining freedom of the press is more important than supporting the newspaper industry.

At a time when our country is bankrupt, facing a $13 trillion debt that's on its way up to $19 trillion by 2015, it's great to see that the American people understand the dire economic straights our nation is facing. Now, if we could only get that message to the Democrat majority in Congress who control the purse strings.

More bailouts for ANY industry should be out of the question. That's the bottom line.