And They Want to Run Your Health Care?

Posted: Nov 17, 2009 6:22 PM
The President’s economic “stimulus” package appears to be working so marvelously that it’s even creating nonexistent jobs in nonexistent locations. While the evidence continues to pile up that the President’s stimulus package has been a failure with unemployment rising to over 10%, Americans continue to ask: Where are the jobs? Visiting the federal government’s stimulus tracking website sure won’t help anyone find them. You can try, but your search will lead you in all sorts of different directions.

In fact, ABC News has located “several examples on the government's web site outlining hundreds of millions of dollars spent and jobs created in Congressional districts that have been misidentified.”  

Minnesota has eight Congressional districts, but the website lists 19 different districts, all of which have received stimulus funds. Taken together, the 11 mystery congressional districts posted received more than $7 million in stimulus spending, and created or saved about 50 jobs.  Who’s in charge of managing the accuracy of this website and properly distributing stimulus dollars?  The same federal government that wants to take control of your health care. Talk about a lack of fiscal responsibility and transparency. This is government accountability at its best.