Republicans Roll Out Energy Agenda

Posted: May 21, 2008 4:24 PM

Last week, I posted a video with solutions for dealing with America's rising energy costs. I'm happy to say my office was ahead of the curve, and today, Republicans took to the steps of the Capitol to lay out a plan for the American people. In contrast to these fresh ideas, all we hear from the Democrats is the same old 1970s solutions to today's problems.

Here is how we will do it.

We will increase the production of American-made energy in an environmentally-safe way.  This includes the exploration of next generation oil, natural gas, and coal and the production of advanced alternative fuels like cellulosic and clean coal-to-liquids – all while protecting our natural resources for future generations.

We will promote new, clean, and reliable sources of energy like advanced nuclear and next generation coal, while promoting clean power from renewable energy such as wind and hydroelectric power.  Nuclear energy has proven itself as a safe, carbon-free and environmentally friendly alternative, with France relying on it for nearly 80 percent of its electricity needs, compared to just 19 percent in America.

We will cut red tape and increase the supply of American-made fuel and energy.  Limiting the construction of new oil refineries and bureaucratic regulations mandating the use of exotic fuels have decreased supply and increased the Pelosi Premium.

We will encourage greater energy efficiency by offering conservation tax incentives to Americans who make their home, car, and business more energy efficient.

I know you you all have solutions of your own, and I'd love to hear them.

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