Conway and Cuomo Spar Over President Trump's Endorsement of Roy Moore

Posted: Dec 06, 2017 11:15 AM

Update: Shortly after the posting of this article, several Democratic Senators have called for the resignation of Sen. Al Franken. Read the story here.


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President Trump's endorsement of U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore was the main topic of discussion during a contentious interview between CNN's Chris Cuomo and special counsel to the president Kellyanne Conway on Wednesday morning.

The president has drawn sharp criticism from Democrats and Republicans alike for stating the state of Alabama does not need a liberal Democrat winning its vacant Senate seat, suggesting to the president's critics that his agenda and votes that are in lockstep with the Republican Party matter more than several sexual assault allegations.

During the interview, Chris Cuomo did not shy away from saying he believes the president doesn't have a standard of morality and that President Trump is putting what is best for him and the GOP politically over the country.

Cuomo: "But it seems like you have no standard of morality. That it's all political pragmatism."

Kellyanne: "Oh, Chris. You're going to say that to me, really?" 

Cuomo: "No, not you. I'm saying the president's position. No, I know you and I love you. I'm talking about President Trump. If anything you benefit from bias on my behalf because I've known you for 20 years, that's why I actually listen to some of this stuff that doesn't make sense. The president seems to have no moral standard at play then, it's all political pragmatism."

In her response, Conway addressed hypocrisy within the Democratic Party by addressing sexual assault allegations made against Sen. Al Franken (D-MN). Unlike Rep. John Conyers (D-MI), who "retired" due to allegations of sexual misconduct, Sen. Franken is maintaining his Senate seat, and his Democratic colleagues have yet to call for his resignation. Cuomo proceeded to argue the accusations against Moore and Sen. Franken are not comparable.

Rather than offer her personal views on Roy Moore's candidacy, Conway reiterated President Trump's position that the country needs a senator who will be a reliable vote on issues like tax cuts, immigration, the second amendment, and rebuilding the military.

Cuomo and Conway also talked about the possibility of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney running for the U.S. Senate in Utah. There are reports that current Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) will be retiring and Mitt Romney will run to take his seat. Conway stated that Romney and the president talked following the Congressional Ball at the White House on Tuesday night, saying that the two have a great relationship. However, when asked if President Trump would support Mitt Romney's run if Sen. Hatch were to retire, Conway said she couldn't answer a hypothetical question. It might be important to note, Romney and the president don't see eye to eye on Roy Moore.

Alabama's special election is on Dec. 12.

Watch the interview here.

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