College Liberals Unknowingly Endorse Trump's Tax Plan

Posted: Oct 20, 2017 3:30 PM

A new video from Campus Reform hilariously, and slightly depressingly, exposes college liberals on George Washington University's campus. Cabot Phillips, the Media Director of Campus Reform and the former Digital Grassroots Director of the Marco Rubio campaign, took to the college campus to ask students how they felt about President Trump's new tax plan.

The students who were willing to do the interview were first asked to share their thoughts on President Trump's plan without any information provided. Immediately facial expressions turned into frowns and scowls, and more than one student said the president's tax proposal would be "horrible for the middle class." But those types of responses were expected when the students were asked about President Trump's ideas directly.

What Cabot and those at Campus Reform wanted to know was, if they described President Trump's tax plan but said it was the plan of progressive hero Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) would they get the same answers?

When asked about increasing the child tax credit, eliminating the "death tax," and lowering the tax rate for small businesses to 25 percent, all of the students thought the proposals were great ideas. One student stated that they knew lowering the tax rate for small businesses would help her family as they own a small business. Another student had worked as a social worker, and she understood "how important those [child] tax credits are."

Let's just say it was a surprise to them all when Cabot told them the tax proposals they supported were actually from President Trump, not Sen. Sanders.

This isn't the first time Campus Reform has done a video like this. In a visit to George Mason University's campus, they found that some liberal students hated former President Obama's policies when they were attributed to President Trump.

Sadly, this shows that people are not concerned about actual policy. People appear to agree or disagree with policies based off of name recognition, not based off what the policies do. The solution to this problem is to inform people better.

While the video can be easily used to poke fun at the students, and deservedly so, one has to hope that the students learned something. And it appears they did.

One student stated, "But I think if you said it was Trump, at least for many people, it would be more opposition to it just because it was Trump." Another stated, "I think people definitely hear the name and start to think things automatically. And also because a lot of people just go to the same news sources, the same media and it makes it tough to get other points of views."

Watch the full video from Campus Reform below.

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