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A rookie Democrat candidate vying for a vital seat in the Virginia House of Delegates bared it all ahead of the election.

Cash-strapped political hopeful Susanna Gibson certainly isn't shy about asking the public for money. Under the username "hotwifeexperience," the 40-year-old mother of two school-aged children moonlighted as a MILF-styled porn star on the X-rated webcam site Chaturbate, where she has performed sexual acts with her husband in exchange for "tips" from voyeuristic viewers.


Amassing more than 5,770 Chaturbate followers, the smut-peddling marital pair reportedly has hosted over a dozen livestreams on the pornographic platform, according to the publicly accessible Recurbate, an archive of Chaturbate's broadcasts. On camera, identifying as "ethically non-monogamous," the swinging Gibson campaigning in a swing district suggested that the married couple is in an open relationship and has "tried swapping" with other sex partners before, but her spouse, lawyer John David Gibson, "doesn't like sharing." Although, her hubby admitted, "Sometimes I have to though. She makes me." Gibson has even gleefully gloated about "f**king" three men in one day, urging viewers: "Don't tell my husband he was the third."

Susanna and John Gibson | Facebook

"Yeah, I f**k random strangers if you're hot," Gibson allegedly bragged. "I just want a private room with somebody filming their c**k so I can c*m looking at it, Jesus Christ," the Chaturbate star said. "Oh God, I want to f**king get railroaded by all of you."

"I'm married and I think the person I'm married to is amazing. But, I love sex. I always have; I always will. I don't think that when you are in love with someone it means that you don't want to f**k other people. Like love and sex are not mutually exclusive, right?" Gibson said of her marriage. "I like being choked. I like being hit. I do," Gibson emphasized in a Chaturbate session.

Gibson solicited "tokens," Chaturbate's digital currency, from salivating spectators willing to open their wallets for "private" showings held in a separate chatroom. There, she'd act out specific requests for money in apparent violation of Chaturbate's tipping policy. The token-hungry performer told her fans that the virtual audience's gratuities were going toward "a good cause."


"I need, like, more tokens before I let him do that," Gibson replied to a Chaturbater's request. "One token, no. More. Raising money for a good cause." Within moments, as the truckload of tokens apparently appeared, she repeated "thank you" and told her hubby she'd agree to the watcher's wish. While Gibson generally led the interactions with Chaturbaters in the duo's side-hustling sex-tapes gig, her husband chimed in on occasion. "C'mon, guys," he begged, echoing his wife's pleas for tips.

The raunchiest of revelry was reserved for the biggest spendings, with the Gibsons declaring: "No anal outside of private."

"I'll let you f**k me in the a** doggy style in a private room if someone wants to pay. That's the deal," Gibson told her husband. 

Susanna Gibson's family | Facebook

For the right price, Chaturbaters could privately watch Gibson urinate and be sodomized. "Y'all can watch me pee if you tip me and some tokens. Again, I'm raising money for a good cause," Gibson stated. "Y'all I need more tips...They want anal and missionary, but I'm only doing it if they're in a private room," she explained, adding: "Racking up one token left and right, any more?" At the price tag of 500 tokens, costing Chaturbaters about $45, Gibson would order room service in a hotel and have the delivery person see her naked. "I'm definitely a slut…In order to leave the door cracked, I need 500 tokens," Gibson clarified.

Chaturbate broadcasters set "tip goals" that, when reached, they'll do pre-arranged actions that they're comfortable with. "[L]et community members know what token amounts get you excited and how..." Chaturbate's Tips & Tokens page instructs, though noting that Chaturbaters should only tip if they're "enjoying your show," not to demand anything. "Requesting or demanding specific acts for tips may result in a ban from the Platform for all parties involved," Chaturbate's Terms & Conditions stipulate.


According to a cam model's self-reporting blog post on the token-to-USD payment process, Chaturbate pays sex performers $5 for every 100 tokens earned, so 500 tokens are equivalent to $25; 1,000 tokens equal $50; 10,000 tokens convert to $500; and so on. Of course, Chaturbate takes a steep 40 - 50% cut, too, pre-payout, which the conversion system takes into account.

Gibson launched her campaign in July 2022. After announcing her candidacy, the cam girl-turned-Democrat contender uploaded at least one picture of herself on Chaturbate a month later. Then, the trove of Gibson's erotic exploits was uploaded to Recurbate in September 2022. The videos are no longer visible. But, the clips remain active on other pages that aren't password-protected.

In a scathing statement to The Washington Post, which first exposed Gibson's online licentiousness after an unnamed Republican operative alerted the newspaper, the Virginia Democrat claimed to be a victim of "revenge porn" at the hands of GOP opposition.

"It won't intimidate me and it won't silence me," Gibson responded, calling the circulation and exposure of the publicly posted material "a sex crime," "the worst gutter politics," and "an illegal invasion of my privacy designed to humiliate me and my family."

"My political opponents and their Republican allies have proven they're willing to commit a sex crime to attack me and my family because there's no line they won't cross to silence women when they speak up," Gibson continued. The unidentified Republican operative who tipped off The Post denied any connection to Gibson's competitor or other organizations involved in the 2023 Virginia elections. The source provided the information on the condition of anonymity to avoid being drawn into the controversy.


Gibson's attorney Daniel P. Watkins, a prominent libel-and-slander lawyer specializing in high-stakes defamation cases and "reputation counseling," told the outlet that his client was not aware of—nor had she authorized—the posting of her Chaturbate content on other third-party porn sites, asserting that the publicly available archived videos somehow violates Virginia's revenge-porn law § 18.2-386.2, which makes it illegal to "maliciously" disseminate photographic and/or videographic sexual depictions of another person in "a state of nudity" with the "intent to coerce, harass, or intimidate." The crime is a Class 1 misdemeanor in the Old Dominion state, an offense that's punishable by up to a year in jail plus a $2,500 fine. "A criminal act has occurred here, and that's the dissemination of revenge porn by a Republican operative," Watkins told the Associated Press.

Asked why Gibson possessed "a reasonable expectation of privacy" on Chaturbate, the candidate's legal counsel cited a 2021 Virginia Appeals Court opinion that affirmed a man's criminal conviction, determining that it was, indeed, unlawful for the appellant to secretly record his then-girlfriend during a consensual sexual encounter even if he never shared the video with third parties.

In the case Ronnie Lee Johnson v. Commonwealth of Virginia, the court rejected Johnson's argument contending that the victim being "knowingly nude" and participating in sexual activity while in view of the appellant meant the statute's privacy protection didn't apply. Thus, the ruling found that consent to being seen at the time of the recording is not the same as consent to being recorded, deciding there is "a stark distinction between an image existing only in someone's memory, as opposed to it being a permanent file that may be shared or re-viewed indefinitely beyond the moment when one's consent to the activity was provided."


The matter of dispute pertained to a private interaction. As for Gibson's salacious Internet escapades, she filmed herself on a forum that users have unrestricted access to, albeit she allegedly didn't consent to the content's redistribution elsewhere.

"We are working closely with state and federal law enforcement," Watkins said. According to the law firm of Meier Watkins Phillips & Pusch, where Watkins is partner and co-founder, he has "killed stories" as well as obtained retractions, corrections, clarifications, and public apologies from major media giants, including the Washington Post, in the past. Notably, the firm represented Dominion Voting Systems in its lawsuit against Fox News, resulting in a record-breaking $787.5 million settlement.

Watkins told The New York Times that they're working with the FBI as well "to bring the wrongdoers to justice."

Control of the House is on the line as Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin struggles to enact pro-life legislation in a divided Capitol.

Gibson is hoping for a happy ending this fall as she's running to represent Richmond-area District 57 in a hotly contested Nov. 7 race against Republican rival David Owen. Democrats are seeking to regain party majority in the 100-member Virginia House. Republicans, currently controlling the state legislature's lower chamber by three delegates, are clinging to a thin 49 to 46 lead.

During the election cycle, Gibson's campaign committee has raised $376,900 compared to the Owen campaign's trailing $339,600, according to Virginia Department of Elections campaign-finance data reviewed by Townhall.

Gibson's campaign donations | Virginia Department of Elections

However, Gibson's campaign coffers were depleted battling in the June 20 Democrat primary when she won by 607 more votes. Now, she's scraping by with just $77,435 leftover. Owen, unchallenged in the GOP contest, retains $166,179 of his funds.


Gibson's primary victory | Virginia Department of Elections

Gibson's top donors are the environmentalist Clean Virginia Fund ($46,000) and the political action committee Emily's List ($20,000), a PAC aimed at electing pro-abortion Democrat women to office, the Virginia Public Access Project (VPAP) reports.

A nurse practitioner and a proud Planned Parenthood volunteer, Gibson positions herself as "a public health expert" and passionate "protector" of women's so-called "reproductive rights," a stated priority of the practicing physician's campaign.

Pre-primary, Gibson was awarded the "Family Friendly Seal of Approval" from the left-wing Family Friendly Virginia, which "certified" that she is a "champion" of family-friendly economic policy and "committed to lifting up working families."

"They are trying to silence me because they want to silence you, and I won't let that happen," Gibson further expressed in a press statement. "My opponent and his allies know that the people of this district are on our side on the issues, so they're stooping to the worst gutter politics. There's too much at stake in this election and I’ll never stop fighting for our community."


"Me and my team found out about this story today like everyone else," Owen told The Washington Post in a written response Monday afternoon. "I'm sure this is a difficult time for Susanna and her family, and I'm remaining focused on my campaign."

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