Obama Administration Uses 'Restore the Gulf' Website to Spin Its 'Quick Response' to Oil Spill

Posted: Jul 13, 2010 2:54 PM
As we all know, President Obama was nowhere near focused on the Gulf oil spill "from day one," and was still noticeably absent-minded about the situation as far as 70 days into the ongoing environmental crisis. 

But when have mere facts stopped the Obama administration from peddling its own version of events?  Via CNSNews, helloooo propaganda:
The Obama administration has launched a new, informational Web site that puts a positive spin on its handling of the Gulf oil spill.
The restorethegulf.gov Web site, launched last week, describes itself as “a one-stop repository for news, data and operational updates related to the administration-wide efforts to stop the BP oil leak.”
Good news for the mainstream media--they can continue to sit on their hands while reporting on the president and his administration.  The White House will continue to write all the essential talking points for them!
But the Web site also touts the administration’s “quick” response to the disaster, stating that the administration has been on the scene “since the moments after the oil rig explosion” and “from the very beginning.”
Get Joe Wilson on the phone...
“RestoreTheGulf.gov will provide even greater transparency and openness about the BP oil spill, our historic response, the tools available to assist Gulf Coast communities, and plans for the region's long-term recovery and restoration," he added.
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