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A group of liberal media watchdogs, including Free Press, the Media Access Project, and Common Cause, have sent a letter to the FCC asking the agency to track media "hate speech" and its effects, including on the Internet. The letter states that "hate, extremism and misinformation have been on the rise" and asks the agency "to examine the extent and effects of hate speech in media, including the likely link between hate speech and hate crimes, and to explore non-regulatory ways to counteract its negative impacts."
Full story from Reason

It looks like these liberal groups agree with President Obama--there's too much information out there, too many different opinions.  It's time the government did something about all that free thought.

Neil Stevens over at RedState conjectures this has been Free Press' goal in pursuing "net neutrality" the whole time:
Their goal is state control of the mass media. It always has been, and they’ve always been open about it. “Media reform,” as they call it, is no different from “Health care reform,” and we know how “well” that turned out.
We'll definitely be keeping an eye on this developing story...

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