Arizona Working to Make Illegal Immigrants 'Illegal'

Posted: Apr 19, 2010 10:34 AM
Since securing our borders and enforcing immigration laws don't seem to merit top priority status in the current administration, the state of Arizona is taking matters into their own hands.  The Arizona state legislature is moving forward with a package of tough new immigration laws, including a one that makes illegal immigrants "illegal."  It sounds redundant, but given the feds' lack of border enforcement and soft deportation policies, it most definitely isn't. 

Last week, the Arizona House voted down party lines to pass the Safe Neighborhoods Immigration, Law Enforcement legislation which specifically makes is a violation of state law to be in the United States illegally.  The bill also prohibits so-called "sanctuary rules," and mandates that cities, counties and local government agencies must fully enforce U.S. immigration regulations. 

It's really sad the state of Arizona has had to resort to enforcing our nation's borders without the support of the federal government.  The bill is expected to easily pass the state Senate and Republican Gov. Jan Brewer, running for re-election this fall, has declined to comment.  While the governor may not sign the bill, she is considered unlikely to veto the measure and may just allow the bill to become law without her signature. 

Hopefully Washington will get the message and start doing its job.

Update: Facing a tough re-election primary challenge, John McCain has voiced his support for the state law, marking a drastic shift to the right for the senator when it comes to immigration reform.

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