Threats & Eggs Hurled at Tea Partiers in Nevada

Posted: Mar 27, 2010 4:10 PM
As the Tea Party Express shoves off today on it's third trip across the country, more than 10,000 tea partiers gathered in Searchlight, Nev., today to hear Sarah Palin kick off the "Vote Them Out!" tour.  A small group of people supporting Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid showed up to cause a ruckus. 

According to a statement just out from the Tea Party Express, Reid's supporters came armed... with eggs:
Supporters of Senator Harry Reid have just thrown eggs at the Tea Party Express bus caravan - striking at least one of the three buses (the red Tea Party Express bus) with multiple eggs.

About 35 Reid supporters had lined Highway 95 in front of the Nugget Casino in Searchlight where they were attempting a counter-demonstration the tens of thousands of tea party supporters who are gathering for the "Showdown in Searchlight."
The Express wasn't the only target of the small pro-Reid crowd.  Witnesses also report:
Reid supporters gathered just down the road from the launching point of the Tea Party Express tour, and when [Andrew] Breitbart happened upon them, he was met with threats of violence.  At least one protester threw an egg at Brietbart, missing him.  Eggs were also thrown at the Tea Party Express bus.

To add insult to insult, Reid supporters called the police to report that Breitbart had provoked an incident.

I can't wait to hear the MSM's outrage... (yeah, right)

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