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Caught in the Obamacare Time Warp

Here's a fun game (via Keith Hennessey)! 

Time seems to have stood still on Obamacare: in each of the following news headline pairs, one is from this year (as recently as this morning), one is from last year.  See if you can guess which is which:

Politico: President Obama takes reform on the road
AP: Obama takes health care pitch to people—again

Bloomberg: Obama Set to Fight ‘Uphill Battle’ on Health Bill
Bloomberg: Obama to Appeal to Public on Health Care as Senate Struggles

AP: Obama’s health care pitch to Democrats: Trust me
AP: Obama makes last-minute appeal to Democrats for health care votes

AP: Obama to appeal for public support on health care
AP: Obama appeals for health care votes

CSM: To pass healthcare reform, Democrats may go it alone
CNN: Democrats May Pass Health Reform without GOP Support

NYT: Obama Takes Health Care Deadline to Democrats
AFP: Deadline looming, Obama urges health care action

Boston Globe: Obama steps up health care pressure                     
Politico: President Obama steps up health care push

AFP: Obama presents make-or-break health reform plan
NPR: For Obama, Health Care Overhaul Is Make-Or-Break

AP: Top Dems looking to Obama for health care momentum
Reuters: Obama tries to regain momentum in healthcare debate

Reuters: Obama seeks momentum, funds for Senate allies
Reuters: Obama team tries to regain momentum on healthcare

CBS: Obama’s Health Care Push: The Race is On
WaPo: Obama Health Care Push Resumes This Week

AP: Obama turns up the heat for health care overhaul
AP: Obama expands health care push

HuffPo: White House, Dems, Plan For Make-Or-Break Summit
Bloomberg: Obama Sets ‘Make-or-Break’ Deadline on Health Care

Post your score in the comment section--no cheating!

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