Dems' Advantage Among Young People Slips

Posted: Feb 19, 2010 1:43 PM
According to Pew Research, young people's support for the Democrat Party took a beating during 2009:
The Democratic advantage over the Republicans in party affiliation among young voters, including those who "lean" to a party, reached a whopping 62% to 30% margin in 2008. But by the end of 2009 this 32-point margin had shrunk to just 14 points: 54% Democrat, 40% Republican.

While the Republican Party picked up support from Millennials during 2009, this age group continues to favor the Democratic Party more than do other generations. And the underlying political values of this new generation continue to be significantly more liberal than those of other generations on many measures.

As a "millenial" voter myself, I reject the notions of people like Meghan McCain who preach about how dumb and out-dated old people are.  On the contrary, I think its the older generations who have so much to teach the younger generations about what built this nation and the best ways to preserve its greatness.  Until these young people understand the values of hard work and freedom like older generations have, they will continue to be pro-government and socially liberal.

For Pew's new trends of the millenials, click here.

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