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A Familiar Theme in the Obama Administration

In his weekly address today, President Obama reiterated his pledge to create a "bipartisan fiscal commission to provide recommendations for long-term deficit reduction." Sounds nice, but the plans for this commission were originally proposed on Capitol Hill, but for one reason or another, failed to make it through Senate approval.  

Rather than amending the measure and passing it the old-fashioned democratic way, Obama has decided to pass it via executive order.

It amazes me each time the Obama administration side-steps the democratic constituional institutions.  The Supreme Court rules against Obama?  No matter, we'll pass more legislation!  Congress won't pass cap-and-trade?  No worries, the EPA will handle it! 

Don't agree with the way we're handling things?  It doesn't matter because we know what's best for you.  It's the progressive way.

To add insult to injury, Obama's weekly address this week centered around one theme: fiscal responsibility.  Four and one-half minutes of complete word vomit from the biggest spender the oval office has ever seen. 

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