Sen. Nelson Joins GOP in Opposing Obama Labor Nominee

Posted: Feb 08, 2010 10:55 PM
The Associated Press is reporting tonight that Senator Ben Nelson, D-Neb., is breaking with Democratic ranks and siding with the Republicans in their opposition to Obama's nominee for National Labor Relations Board (NRLB).

Obama's nominee, Craig Becker, is a union lawyer and staunch supporter of card check.  Nelson says some of Becker's past statements suggest he would take his "aggressive personal agenda" to the NLRB--a group that mediates disputes between unions and business management.  With Nelson's break from the Dems, it's unclear the Dems will have the votes to push through Becker's nomination.

The Hill reports further:
Becker's nomination has drawn its fair share of political foes -- especially from the right, as many Republicans fear he is too pro-labor to work for an agency that handles employer, employee and labor disputes.

He is an adamant supporter of card-check legislation -- a proposal that allows unions to form more easily, supported by the White House -- and has done considerable work for the AFL-CIO and the Service Employees International Union. Consequently, a handful of business groups have signaled staunch opposition to his nomination, and a few Republican senators -- including Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) -- have threatened filibusters.

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