Desperate: Obama Campaign Manager Tries to Top Palin

Posted: Dec 07, 2009 2:20 PM
Obama campaign manager David Plouffe has recorded a new plea to Obamaniacs to buy his new book titled, "The Audacity to Win."  Clever. 

In the video, Plouffe says he hopes that through an organized campaign he might be able to get enough to people to buy his book to beat Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's bestseller, "Going Rogue" for one day. 

He also goes on to say that Palin is backwards and that he disagrees with everything she stands for.  Hm.. that's funny since her book debuted at #1 on the bestseller list and Plouffe hasn't even made the list. 

It's pretty pathetic he has to conjure up Liberals' hatred of Sarah Palin in order to try and have ONE good day of book sales...

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