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SEIU Encourages Demise of Beck

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) has apparently joined the ongoing fight against Fox News host Glenn Beck. 

As you know, following some controversial comments Beck made last summer in which he questioned whether President Obama harbored a "deep-seated hatred for white people," Van Jones' previous employer,
Color of Change, began a campaign to get sponsorship funding pulled from Beck's Fox program.  The organization's mission is to strengthen "Black America's political voice," and understandably might have had a problem with Beck's comments. 

But what's SEIU's beef with Beck?  Moreover, what's SEIU's beef with Fox News?
Beck's racially divisive rhetoric, and falsehoods peddled as truth, have no place on a network that positions itself as a source of news. Journalistic integrity may not be at a high point in America right now, but Fox News really lowers the bar across the board. Scaring the American public with baseless conspiracy theories and outlandish accusations towards our President and other public figures and organizations that stand up for working people is unacceptable.
So Beck is just anti-working people?  Hardly.  This is just another piece of the Obama artillery set to destroy dissenting views.  

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