SEIU President Andy Stern Ready to "Share the Wealth", Solve America's "223-Year-Old Problems"

Posted: Nov 13, 2009 4:25 PM
During an interview with CNBC's Maria Bartiromo last week, SEIU President Andy Stern had some interesting things to say about the economy, card check and the role unions will play in the future.  Glenn Beck highlighted some portions of the interview this morning during his radio show.  I've included the full video below and a partial transcript. 

Remember... This guy has by far been the most frequent visitor to the White House during Obama's short tenure, logging 22 visits in just nine months:

So I've got this article here; it's says that yourself and other labor union leaders reportedly gave Democrats some $400 million last year.  Do you feel that that money has been well-spent?  Let me ask you about your #1 goal, which of course is card check.  A lot of people feel that's dead.
Stern: Well I think what we now know is American workers need a raise; that is pretty clear.  And there isn't a lot of money in the government to do it.  So the question is how is everyone going to share in the wealth?  And I think that after we get through this health care situation and finally solve this problem of 223 years, you know, we are going to see a change in our labor laws that allow people to negotiate their future. [...]

Bartiromo: How does the labor movement survive in an increasingly globalized and technology-advanced world.  Obviously jobs are going abroad, technology is taking a lot of our jobs.  What do you need to do?

Stern: Well I got in trouble for saying this with Glenn Beck, but I said 'workers of the world unite' is not just a slogan anymore, it's a way we need to do our work.  And we're involved with unions all over the world, trying to figure how do we raise workers' wages everywhere, 'cause we don't want corporations competing in who can pay the least.  And that means company went global, finance went global, capital went global, unions are going to have to go global as well.
Soooo basically Obama's friend Andy Stern is saying the best way to bring about the redistribution of wealth is to use unions on a global scale.  And apparently the pesky system of capitalism which put America on the map is just a 223-year-old "problem" that needs to be dealt with... after we pass government-run health care that is.