House Health Care Bill To Be Unveiled Tomorrow

Posted: Oct 28, 2009 3:23 PM
Speaker Pelosi's health care bill will be unveiled in the House tomorrow.  The roll-out will take place at 10:30 tomorrow morning at the capitol and will likely be debated and voted on next week.  Here are the rumors of what's included in the House plan:

---public option--not as big as Pelosi wanted, but public option nonetheless;
---total cost is about $900 billion with a B.  The CBO is still working on a final estimate (hopefully available later tonight);
---Democrats expect this bill will cover an additional 35-36 million people by 2019; the Senate version will cover an estimated 29 million;
---individual mandate--individuals and families will face fines if they don't have coverage; and
---employer mandate--larger employers who don't offer coverage will be fined.

Stay tuned for more developments...