In Case You Missed It...

Posted: Oct 22, 2009 11:02 PM
As Matt noted earlier, Sarah Palin has once again challenged the Republican Party's commitment to conservatism and thrown her support behind underdog conservative Doug Hoffman, a candidate running for New York's 23rd congressional seat.  This should be a positive thing for Hoffman since he will need grassroots conservatives to turn-out to win, and, as we all know how much the mainstream media loves Palin, her involvement is likely to lend the race 24-hour news coverage.

Glenn Beck has also lent his support to Hoffman and invited him onto his radio show yesterday.  During the interview, Hoffman revealed that he's never slept with any interns, never been arrested, never smoked dope and hasn't even embezzled money before!  In fact, as a true trailblazing politician of today, Hoffman says he's not a fan of Chairman Mao and actually believes in the free market!  What novel concepts...

Click here to check out Beck's interview with candidate Doug Hoffman 
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