Biden: Health Care Battle About More Than Just Health Care

Posted: Oct 22, 2009 9:43 PM
By the Dems' latest appeal by VP Joe Biden to its base, you'd think the Obama administration was challenging the Klingons for interstellar domination:
If this fight were only about guaranteeing the choice of secure, quality, affordable care for every American, it would be worth everything we could throw at it.  But as Barack reminded us this week, this fight for change is now about something even bigger: a test of whether or not "we as a nation are capable of tackling our toughest challenges, if we can serve the national interest despite the unrelenting efforts of the special interests; if we can still do big things in America.
Oh, geez... better donate to the DNC in support of health care reform so that Michelle won't be disappointed in America again...

Biden is definitely right about one thing: the debate IS about more than just health care.  It's, as Obama also said, about "fundamentally changing the United States of America."

And in contrast, I think most of us agree that America is capable of doing "big things" without Obamacare--a concept apparently lost to the Dems who seem to forget the more than two centuries of American greatness before The Big O came around.
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