Michigan Legislator: "I ain't takin' your calls...I'm sick of you!"

Posted: Oct 21, 2009 1:33 PM
With the state's economy continuing to slump and a budget crisis looming, one Michigan legislator took to the floor of the state House of Representatives to complain about constituent calls coming into his office.  Detroit Rep. George Cushingberry recently had the following to say:

"Don't call my office if you're not from my district.  I ain't takin' your calls.  I don't have to.  And you can't threaten me.  I'm sick of you..."

This particular representative apparently forgot that he chairs the state House's appropriations committee, which manages the state's money--you know, those tax dollars that people inside AND outside of Rep. Cushingberry's district pay.  What a great attitude!

Cushingberry's sentiment doesn't come as much of a surprise.  He's a Democrat representing parts of the city of Detroit--a heavily Democrat-leaning area, despite the ruin the Democrat Party has left the city in following years of corruption and mismanagement.  Does he have to worry about his next election?  Most certainly not, considering he's won his past two elections, each with an astonishing 97% of the vote.

The people have gotten what they've voted for.  My question is, why do so many people willingly and overwhelmingly continue to vote for people like Mr. Cushingberry--so utterly obnoxious and unfit for office? 

To the voters of Rep. Cushingberry's district--don't you think you deserve better than this guy?

I do.  In fact, I think I'll drop a call into his office of my own to tell him so.