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NBC Push-Polling for Obamacare?

For anyone who doesn't know, push-polling is a technique in which individuals or organizations attempt to influence voters' views of an issue under the guise of conducting an public opinion poll. 

Very interesting, from Newsbusters:

On this morning's Today, NBC News Political Director and Chief White House Correspondent Chuck Todd reported on a new NBC poll that reflected the fact that, according to him, many Americans continue to believe "the myths" about ObamaCare. But Todd reported that the NBC pollsters also gave people "the facts" about ObamaCare.  And after hearing those "facts," a majority supported the plan.  Sounds like classic push polling.
And what were those "myths" that NBC supposedly busted?  That ObamaCare:

Will give the government the power to cut off care for elderly.
Given that PBO questioned the wisdom of giving his own grandmother a hip replacement, why shouldn't Americans wonder about how the elderly will be treated?
Will pay for abortions.
Our sister organization has reported that "Democrats in both the House and the Senate want abortion be included as a health benefit in both government and private insurance plans."
Will provide health insurance to illegal immigrants.
Given the restrictions Dems across the country have placed on immigration enforcement, does anyone seriously doubt that many illegals will sneak into ObamaCare?
By its push polling, NBC is not simply reporting the news—it is blatantly attempting to shape public opinion.

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