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Obama Administration CREATES Jobs For a Change... Sort of.

As the nation's unemployment rate teeters on the brink of 10%, the Obama administration has finally released its plan to create jobs in America.  People looking for work are in luck because there are openings in "jobs that matter." 

During this, the "Summer of Change," the Fund for the Public Interest, "one of the nation's leading environmental and progressive groups," is paying people $9-$14/hour to "join motivated staff around the country working to make change happen" and "make great friends along the way"!

Wow.  Hope and change for only $9 per hour? 

Fund partners of this interest group include the Sierra Club--an environmental lobby--and Human Rights Campaign--an organization "dedicated to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equal rights."  What might their interest be in PAYING people to knock doors in support of a health care proposal?  Ya got me.

So as the Left attacks American citizens and falsely accuses them of participating in "organized mobs," their organized support is paid minimum wage.  Nice.

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