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AP Photo/Steve Helber

Former President Donald Trump, who addressed hordes of supporters who braved the intense heat in Doral, Florida, this evening, returned to his vintage self, slamming Joe Biden and the Democrats for destroying the country and promising to rebuild the damage done by the aging Delaware liberal. There was a possibility that he could announce his running mate pick. There were points where it seemed like he could, pointing to Sen. Marco Rubio ((R-FL) multiple times. No such announcement was made, though it’s coming soon.


Trump discussed the damage Biden has done to the country, the inane mandates on electric cars, and the total loss of operational control on the southern border, which has devolved into a national security crisis. Trump vowed to find the Islamic terrorists who have escaped capture, along with the rest of the illegal aliens Joe Biden allowed in, and deport them from our shores forever. He also spoke at length about the illegal alien crime that's happening all over our country, thanks to Biden's broken border policies.

The former president also criticized Biden for his abysmal debate performance but gave him a chance to redeem himself by holding another debate next week. He also challenged Biden to an 18-hole golf game, in which he’d give the president 10 strokes a side and, if he wins, donate $1 million to any charity of Joe’s choosing. 


Trump then ripped into the current administration for being part of a massive cover-up regarding the declining health of Joe Biden. His nickname for Harris—“Laffin’ Kamala—shows he’s back on his game. The rally, which soared past an hour, outlined a massive renovation for the country, where law and order will be restored and our cities rebuilt. It also showed one thing: Biden could never do such a rally outside in the heat, especially at this hour. It wrapped around 9:20 PM.


That’s well past Joe Biden’s bedtime. 

Trump challenging Biden to a golf game: it’s absolute cinema.


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