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AP Photo/Peter K. Afriyie

No one wants to see Hillary Clinton’s play, even in deep-blue New York City. The poor woman can’t draw an audience unless Bill Clinton is there. The former first lady and two-time presidential loser produced a play called ‘Suffs.’ It’s about the American suffrage movement; no one could care less. It’s supposedly the height of Tony Awards season, where shows on Broadway should be packed to the rafters. It shows that even the most ardent liberals find the topic stale (via NY Post): 


The Broadway box office numbers for the week of May 5 revealed that Hillary Clinton-produced stage play “Suffs” is on the bottom rung of shows in terms of filling capacity. 

Broadway Theatre Industry official site “The Broadway League” shared the weekly grosses from the 35 shows currently playing on Broadway, which include “Suffs,” “Harry Potter and The Cursed Child,” and classics like “Romeo & Juliet,” Sweeney Todd” and “Moulin Rouge! The Musical.” 

According to the data, Clinton’s play only reached 81% capacity across eight performances that week, placing it among the bottom eight productions in that category – the bottom 23% of all 35 shows for the week. 

Noting that the play’s lagging numbers look even worse considering it’s a new show, Breitbart News argued the performance “should still be drawing big crowds during Broadway’s peak season – the month before the Tony Awards,” which is right now. 


The three-hour-long play brings the women’s suffrage movement of the early 1900s to the stage. According to the show’s website, Suffs “boldly explores the victories and failures of a struggle for equality that’s far from over.” 


Oh, it’s three hours long. No wonder why people are refusing to buy tickets. It is a three-hour play in which everyone knows the ending. Also, pass the gasoline can so I can set myself on fire. The average capacity over eight hovers around 81 percent, which mirrors the former secretary of state’s failure to unite the Democratic Party base entirely in 2016. However, Martha Coakley is probably the winner in the ‘even Democrats know she sucks’ category. 

Didn’t anyone tell anyone on this production that the subject matter was dull?  

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