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CNBC: Voters Want Trump to Combat Runaway Inflation

AP Photo/Terry Renna

The supposed job creation under Joe Biden means nothing if paychecks get chopped down at the knee. That’s what his inflationary measures have done. Rich white liberals who shop at Whole Foods don’t know this, as they can absorb the higher costs. For everyone else, the trip to the local market has become an exercise in being skinned alive. 


CNBC was quite clear that voters are now seeing Trump as the great savior of our inflation crisis: 

Forget that most of the Biden jobs reports have been revised weeks after their release; we have a looming commercial real estate crisis primed to nuke the economy, requiring a TARP-like package to avoid total oblivion. We also have a banking crisis—things haven’t stabilized since the fall of Silicon Valley Bank last year. 

Almost half the country feels poorer now than they did four years ago. That’s an election killer. It’s got to the point where even those who didn’t vote for Trump in 2016 or 2020 due to his personality issues are willing to accept that aspect of his presidency if he controls things. With Biden, things are a shambolic mess at home and abroad. This footsie play in Gaza is going to draw American troops into the conflict. That floating pier designed to deliver aid to Hamas via Palestinian civilians is a terror target. 


We have months of Biden gaffes, memory lapses, and possible falls ahead of us, though we’ll be told he’s the most cogent, vivacious, and mentally sound president ever to occupy the White House—a spin line that no one believes.

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