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The Pro-Hamas Crowd Is Now Going After Jerry Seinfeld

These antics are beyond outrageous. It’s been this way for quite some time now. Jerry Seinfeld has now been convicted of genocide by the pro-terrorist crowd. It’s part of the far left’s campaign to intimidate and harass Jewish people over the Gaza war, which they erroneously accuse Israel of committing genocide. Israeli forces are in the process of eliminating Hamas in the Gaza Strip after the brutal October 7 attacks, which left over 1,200 civilians dead. 


In downtown Syracuse, New York, these clowns heckled the comedian, who was performing a set this week, of enabling genocide for being Jewish and supporting Israel (via Fox News): 

Pro-Palestinian protesters marching through downtown Syracuse last week gathered outside the Landmark Theatre to protest comedian Jerry Seinfeld's stand-up show, accusing the star of being "complicit in genocide" over his support for Israel. 

According to The Daily Orange, an independent student newspaper at Syracuse University, protesters called for a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas and an end to all U.S. aid to Israel. 

They also condemned House lawmakers for passing a resolution last week which declared anti-Zionism as antisemitism. 


According to the Daily Orange, "As people entered Landmark Theater for Seinfeld’s show, protestors stood outside. Police placed themselves between the two groups, forming a pathway for those looking to get inside the building while protestors chanted that Seinfeld was ‘complicit in genocide.’" 

An Instagram post from the local chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America, which helped organize the "Shut It Down 4 Palestine" protest, read, "Israel continues to escalate its genocidal atrocities day by day: bombing and starving Palestinians indiscriminately. 

"And it’s doing so out in the open – with U.S. funding and weapons. The United States is directly responsible for every martyr’s death." 


What an insane bunch. 

Jerry Seinfeld? Seriously? It’s not about protesting Israeli policies—it’s about hating Jewish people. Going out of your way to attack a comedian because he’s Jewish is about as transparent as you can get. We’ve all known this since the beginning. For the thick-headed, well, you’re inching closer toward becoming full-blown Nazis.

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