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The 'Not Real' Woman Who Went on a Tirade Aboard an American Airlines Flight Has Been Identified

She captivated social media in July: a woman on an American Airlines flight was removed after an argument with a passenger, which led to the bemusing outburst, “that motherf**ker back there is not real.” Who was this person, and what caused her to think ghosts had infested the plane? The mayhem had a tricking effect, as other passengers got delayed. The event was so bizarre and unsettling that flight attendants felt it necessary for Transportation Security Administration agents to rescreen the passengers. 


Given the virality of the clip, the woman’s identity was bound to be revealed, and now we have a name: Tiffany Gomas of Dallas, Texas. She’s a marketing executive whose outburst was over a heated argument with relatives, who she alleges stole her AirPods. Is she canceled? No. This kerfuffle was small potatoes, and no massive legal action will be filed over it, but whoa, lady. Whoa (via NY Post):

The woman behind the epic airplane meltdown where she proclaimed “that motherf—r back there is not real” to bemused fellow passengers is a Texas marketing executive who told cops the rant was sparked by an argument over wireless headphones. 

Tiffany Gomas, a Dallas resident, was kicked off the plane following her bizarre outburst which led to hours of delays for other passengers, documents reviewed by The Post show. 

Despite claiming “I’m getting the f—k off, and there’s a reason why I’m getting the f—k off” in the viral video of her storming up and down the plane aisle, the 38-year-old was not willing to leave the American Airlines flight and had to be removed by staff, according the police documents. 

Before heading toward the front of the plane, Gomas added in her address to passengers: “You can sit on this plane and you can f—ing die with them or not. I’m not going to.” 

The argument had started when Gomas fell out with relatives she was traveling with, accusing them of stealing her AirPods, the cops said. 


Gomas tried to get back on the aircraft but was denied by police and airline officials. The NY Post added that she was eventually escorted back to a non-secure portion of the airport but undeterred continued to go through TSA screening to re-enter the boarding area. She eventually left, confronted by police in the club lounge where she reportedly was waiting for an Uber. She was never arrested over the incident.


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