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Marketing Executive Behind Miller Lite's Woke Rebrand Exposed As Another Lefty Locust

AP Photo/Brennan Linsley

Who thought that beer needed saving or a retool in the marketing department? The answer is that it didn’t. But the Left will make you care. Any space where one can separate themselves from the phantom fights that preoccupy liberals must be infested and ruined so they can have your undivided attention on how to live a miserable life, where nothing is ever satisfactory. Bud Light learned that the hard way. Their partnership with a biological male who masquerades as a woman because the brand was supposedly too ‘fratty’ has led to a total collapse in sales. It’s so bad that the geniuses who spearheaded this new makeover for the beer have been either fired or placed on leave. If you thought it would stop there, you’d be mistaken. There’s no way it would end with just one beer company. These people are locusts, killing everything they touch. 


So, it shouldn’t shock us that Miller Lite recently produced this nauseating and unnecessary marketing retool about women and beer. No one cares about women brew masters in colonial times, guys. No consumer dwells on this at the ballpark, football stadium, or tailgates. And those who do, aren’t the target demographic for Miller Lite. But, alas, here we are: 


And like Bud Light, the person behind this new push for Miller, Sofia Colucci, is a leftist acolyte who went to great lengths to scrub her social media history (via Daily Caller):

Sofia Colucci, the chief marketing officer of Molson Coors Beverage, which owns Miller Lite, has a past of supporting liberal causes such as gun control, protests for George Floyd, illegal immigration and the COVID-19 vaccine, social media posts reviewed by the Daily Caller found. 

Miller Lite released an ad on March 7 titled, “Bad $#!T to Good $#!T,” which goes after the beer industry for its supposed sexism against women. The ad has drawn recent criticism after Bud Light’s promotion of transgender TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney showed off a beer can with the influencer’s face on it. They also released a can with a rainbow that states “celebrate everyone’s identity,” and features different pronouns. 

Colucci has deleted many of the posts, however, the Caller took screenshots of her posts before they were deleted. Colucci donated and shared a fundraiser on her Facebook page that goes to reuniting migrants with their immigrant families. She also shared another page regarding the Las Vegas Shooting, saying members of Congress who received donations from the NRA need to meet with the victims and implement stricter gun laws.


We’ll see if Miller suffers the same sale dip, but an annoying ad is very different from a full-blown partnership with a biological man feigning womanhood. We’ve seen more of the former in other media. Doesn’t make it any less cringeworthy. The data these people are reading is painfully incorrect. If this was meant as satire or self-deprecation, that's fine, but it also missed the mark. That's because liberals aren't funny, but that's another story.


Last Note: Remember good ole' fashioned beer ads like this from Miller?


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