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Mass Shooting at Texas Mall Leaves Eight Dead

AP Photo/LM Otero

We’ll know more in the coming days, but tragedy has struck Allen, Texas. A mass shooting at the Allen Premium Outlets left eight people dead. Police killed the shooter. The age of the victims is massive, ranging from as young as 5 to 61. The incident occurred around 3:30 pm CST. There’s reportedly footage of the shooter dead after being neutralized by police. Other clips circulating on social media show some victims—these are way too graphic to post. We’re not even going to link to them. A simple Twitter search will lead you to these ghastly images. There’s also a lot of speculation about whether this was racially motivated; we know nothing now. 


What is a fact is that there was a mass casualty event in Allen, Texas. Eight people are dead. The shooter has been killed by law enforcement. And while gun control groups might have their talking points at the ready, this shooting will evaporate if the perpetrator is revealed to be committed by a nonwhite individual (via NBC News): 

Nine people, including the suspect, are dead after a shooting Saturday at a Dallas-area outlet mall, authorities said.

Seven people died on scene at Allen Premium Outlets and two more were pronounced dead at the hospital, Allen Fire Department Chief Jonathan Boyd said. 

The Allen Fire Department had initially transported nine people to the hospital, where two later died, Boyd said. Three people remained in critical surgery on Saturday night and four were stabilized, he said. 

Brian Harvey, the chief of police in Allen, Texas, north of Dallas, said earlier Saturday that the suspected shooter was "neutralized" by a city police officer who was responding to an unrelated call at the mall, he said. 

The suspect was among the nine dead, Harvey said Saturday night. 

Janet St. James, a spokesperson for Medical City Healthcare, which operates multiple trauma facilities in North Texas, said it received eight patients from the shooting who range in age from 5 to 61. 


The FBI and other agencies did not immediately respond to a request for comment. 

The shopping center occupies 69 acres and is operated by Simon Property Group, which did not immediately respond to a request for comment. It houses more than 120 retailers. 

Allen is about 30 miles north of Dallas.


There will be a lot of noise and conjecture over the next couple of days. Be prepared for the usual anti-gun propaganda if the shooter fits the narrative that the liberal press finds acceptable and dead silence if the suspect isn’t.

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