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AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

President Joe Biden is active and has outstanding mental acuity “for his age.” That’s the caveat that Axios found from aides and staffers of the president, whose age will be an issue in 2024. I don’t see how it can’t be, especially when there’s no COVID pandemic to shield him from his lack of energy and mental competency. The White House is doing everything possible to spin the situation, claiming he’s a “night owl.” If he’s bursting with energy, why has he been AWOL for weeks on public appearances? When we get into the thick of the 2024 season, Biden will have to make regular campaign stops, do interviews, and headline rallies to gin up the base. Will he be able to do it? 


All it takes is one bad fall or a mental breakdown due to his aging state to give most voters pause. Hillary Clinton’s campaign thought they could avoid questions about the former first lady’s health, especially regarding her stamina. For the most part, they succeeded until Mrs. Clinton collapsed during a 9/11 memorial event in New York City in the final weeks of the 2016 election, where she was seen virtually being dragged into a van by Secret Service agents. 

You have to go back a few months, but during the summer of 2022—publications were also zeroing in on the age issue with Biden, notably the president’s cantankerous attitude and his irritation at being corrected consistently. He wants the public to know he means what he says without several corrections going out. As it turns out, he needs to be corrected because we were all expecting a big press conference from him that turned out to be a lie. 

Fox News’ White House Correspondent Jacqui Henri tweeted, “President Biden says he will be doing "a major press conference this afternoon. There is no press conference scheduled - although Biden is set to interview with MSNBC tonight.” 


The White House quickly corrected that; there’s no presser from Joe today.


Was there an impromptu press conference Joe wanted to captain but couldn’t, or did he forget? Did Joe get the dates wrong? Or was everything set to go, but he got too tired? Who knows, but the fumbling and incoherence from this White House remain noteworthy and not in a good way.


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