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Flickr via Gage Skidmore

With Tucker Carlson’s exit from Fox News, you’ll probably hear the name Abby Grossberg if you’re following the flurry of speculation about why the network cut ties with one of its most popular hosts. Grossberg was on MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace’s show for a lengthy interview yesterday where she trashed the network. The segment also came off as an impromptu interview because no doubt this woman would fit in with this MSNBC crew or over at CNN. And if she’s slamming Fox News and Tucker Carlson, you know book deals might be coming her way.


Grossberg was dismissed from Fox News in March and is now filing a lawsuit against the network and Carlson for creating a hostile work environment. There’s only one problem: apparently, she never met Tucker ever. Amber Athey at The Spectator has more

“Like many on the [Tucker Carlson Tonight] staff, Abby never met Tucker Carlson in person because he taped the show from his personal studios in Maine and Florida, and he did not visit Fox’s NY HQ during her time there,” Kimberly A. Catala, one of the attorneys representing Grossberg, said. 

The statement confirms a recent report from a former Fox News employee and complicates the story about Carlson, Grossberg and the workplace environment on the show he hosted — as well as the lawsuit’s alleged connection to Carlson’s firing on Monday. 

Grossberg, who was the head of booking for the show from July 2022 until she was placed on administrative leave in March of this year, alleges that Carlson encouraged a hostile and sexist workplace environment among his employees. Grossberg says she was subjected to bullying, antisemitic comments and sexism by staff while working out of Fox’s Manhattan office. 

“Tucker and his executive producer Justin Wells, who was also fired, really were responsible for breaking me and making my life a living hell,” Grossberg said in an MSNBC interview with Nicolle Wallace yesterday. 


The Spectator also asked Grossberg’s legal team how many of her approximately ninety audio recordings from her time with Tucker Carlson Tonight featured Carlson’s voice. They said they are “reviewing and analyzing” the recordings, which amount to “approximately thirty-four hours” of evidence.


So, is there anything to this lawsuit about the toxic work environment that was allegedly just as bad or worse than that of the vice president’s office? On a side note, working for Kamala Harris is supposedly the seventh circle of hell. The woman might be humiliated and looking for payback, and there isn’t a shortage of lawyers who want to take a swing at Fox News. We’ll keep an eye on this, especially when the review of the recordings is complete.


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