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Left-Wing Magazine Reaches for It With This Take About Trump's Indictment

AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell

Let's slow the roll here for a second. Predictably, a left-wing publication like Salon would toss this article out there, but liberals will probably often need reminding that Trump being indicted doesn't mean much. The charges are soaked in bias, with some aberrant explanation about how then-New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo halted the clock regarding the statute of limitations during COVID concerning the charges Trump is facing. And those charges are misdemeanors elevated as felonies, thanks to some fantastical writing and Trump-deranged imagination. The indictment stems from Trump's hush money arrangement with Stormy Daniels – which Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg feels was influential in the 2016 election and that hiding this tryst potentially tilted the election in Trump's favor. And here I thought it was the Kremlin connection, which was also a total hoax. 


Yet, I will let the liberal media have their day because we won't be revisiting this case until December 4, the next hearing date. So, they must get everything they've held inside out into the open. Like claiming the Trump indictment is a win for the Me Too movement, given the list of women who allege sexual assault or impropriety with the former president. 

First, one woman is a former porn star, while the other, E. Jean Carroll, went on a tangent about rape being sexy, a remark so outlandish that CNN host Anderson Cooper was left speechless. Now, there is nuance to what she said, which Carroll elaborated on more in-depth as she took her book tour. But the point is, that's a discussion for C-SPAN, not a 10-minute segment on CNN where more academic discussions aren't appropriate for the time slot. At any rate, I wouldn't chalk this up as a Me Too win. You need to jail Trump, and that's probably not going to happen (via Salon): 

If these indictments go to trial, there's a strong chance that [Stormy] Daniels will be called to testify. But she isn't the only Trump victim who is likely to face down her abuser in a court of law. Later this month, journalist E. Jean Carroll, who claims Trump raped her in the 90s, will finally get her day in court, as well.

Due to the statute of limitations, Carroll couldn't press criminal charges against Trump. But, because he has a big mouth and a big ego, he created an opportunity for her to sue him for defamation after she publicly told her story of him allegedly attacking her in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room in Manhattan. Trump responded in his usual way, by accusing Carroll of lying and adding a bunch of insults about her looks to the mix. He also unsubtly threatened her, saying "people have to be careful, because they are playing with very dangerous territory." 


Women told us from the beginning who Trump is. It's poetic justice that they get to be first in line to start holding him accountable. 


I'm tired of this game. If we're going to do this, let's relitigate Bill Clinton, who faced credible accusations of rape and sexual harassment but got elected twice and is beloved by the Democratic Party. Democrats can rape and pillage because… they're Democrats. So, spare me all this self-righteous nonsense. If Trump were a Democrat, created 25 million new jobs, and increased household incomes, he'd be celebrated and could've raped 50 women and shot a person on Fifth Avenue. 

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