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Update on the Kansas City Shooting That Left Three Officers Injured

AP Photo/Matt Rourke

On February 28, there was a shooting that injured three Kansas City police officers, which resulted in a standoff situation. The officers were serving a search warrant which led to gunfire being exchanged, leading to an 18-hour standoff. The house was suspected of drug activity. When the standoff concluded, one woman was taken into custody, and a dead body was found on the premises (via Associated Press):


Three Kansas City police officers were shot and wounded while searching a suspected drug house, prompting a standoff that ended about 18 hours later with the discovery of a body, authorities said Wednesday. 

Missouri, patrol spokesman Sgt. Bill Lowe said the SWAT team entered around 3:30 p.m., finding the body and an uninjured woman. 

She has been taken into custody, along with two others who surrendered from the home hours earlier. 

One of those who surrendered, 50-year-old Jimmie Lewis Jr., was charged Wednesday with meth-dealing and two other federal counts stemming from a November 2021 police pursuit. 

No charges were immediately filed in the shooting. And the names of the other two suspects weren’t immediately released, Lowe said. Identification of the slain man and his cause of death also wasn’t released, pending an autopsy and notification of his relatives.


All three officers who were shot are expected to make a full recovery.

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