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The Problem Nikki Haley and Mike Pence Share Ahead of the 2024 Race

AP Photo/John Minchillo

It's some old news, but former Vice President Mike Pence will fight a subpoena issued by the Department of Justice's special counsel investigating the allegations that Donald Trump tried to interfere in the 2020 election. While an observation made by more left-leaning members of media and political circles, some noted it's interesting that Pence, a man some of the January 6 rioters wanted to hang, is fighting the summons. Yet, the 2024 election is looming, and Mr. Pence might be eyeing a presidential run, which also explains the classified document search he undertook of his own volition. He wants all the electoral demons to be exorcised, even allowing FBI agents to scour his premises amid the Joe Biden classified document fiasco. 

Yet, herein lies the issue that also plagues Nikki Haley: these two try to play both sides of the river. While not a historically accurate film, Mel Gibson's "Braveheart" has one line that rings true: Robert the Bruce warns William Wallace that making enemies on both sides of the embankment will get you dead. It's tough for these career politicians, especially when the heat is turned up on your life ten-fold if you ally with Trump. Half measures are no longer sufficient. You must be all MAGA or not at all.

Haley left too soon and was in the wilderness, buying time for her next move. She then drafted a waffled op-ed for The Wall Street Journal following the January 6 riot, noting that Trump's policies were good for America, though she could not give an equal endorsement of the former president's actions since the election. Haley would make for a strong candidate in any other cycle; the same goes for Pence. He's a former governor, Tea Party stalwart, and rounded out the 2016 ticket for those wary of Trump's political leanings. There were concerns about the former president's conservative credentials.

The problem with Pence is the same as Haley's—he's trying to play both sides. His decision on a potential 2024 run is coming soon; while taking soft swipes at his former boss, Pence said there were better candidates for president. These two aren't going to be the 2024 nominees, but ironically, they are making it easier for Trump to re-clinch the title. If you're Trump, you want more candidates in the race, making the path to the nomination easier. While a good conservative, Pence isn't exactly Mr. Energy. He can't work the room like Trump, nor does he have a high balance in the charisma department. He's perfect as a governor, congressman, senator, and vice president—he has a high ceiling, but being president is not part of his future. It never was during his career in public life. Haley might have been better years ago, but her time has passed, too. 

It's a two-way race between Ron DeSantis, when he announces, and Donald Trump. They're the frontrunners; anyone else is just helping Trump indirectly.


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