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AP Photo/Brittainy Newman

COVID is over, but registered nurse Monica McLemore, who has her pronouns in her bio on Twitter, is devastated because she contracted the virus. She’s been jabbed multiple times and still wears a mask—so she’s also mentally ill. She protected her tweets for some time, but screenshots last forever. McLemore was “heartbroken” and “sad” over the diagnosis. Her reaction was not nearly as bad as a girl who recorded her rapid test and broke down emotionally when the result was positive last January. McLemore’s response was more of a mini meltdown. Still, the masking and the multiple shots are eye-roll-worthy.


Those who have recovered from infection already have natural antibodies that protect them from severe illness. They don’t need the shot or need to be boosted. I don’t know if Ms. McLemore had the infection, but she shouldn’t feel “sad.” That’s the lingering stigma her side and the liberal media inflicted upon the masses with this pandemic. The vaccine isn’t a silver bullet regarding infection—another lie peddled by the Biden administration. 


The COVID vaccine is akin to the flu shot. For those who dodged initial infection pre-vaccine, it might provide that protection against severe illness, but you can still get the disease. This circus became even more rambunctious with the medical experts’ penchant to get everyone vaccinated, some of which were accompanied by threats of loss of employment for some people. 

At this point, I don’t care—no one should. Everyone needs to get on with their lives.

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