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They're Trying to Torch Attorney-Client Privilege With Trump Again

AP Photo/Michael Conroy

Federal prosecutors are trying to compel the lawyer of former President Donald Trump to testify before the grand jury, citing the “crime fraud” exception to circumvent attorney-client privilege. They cannot beat Trump, so they need to shred legal frameworks considered sacrosanct to find anything that could lead to an indictment. This order comes from the special counsel reviewing the allegations that Donald Trump mishandled classified information, which shouldn’t be going near this since it could lead to Mr. Biden being slapped with similar charges. At least, that’s what’s logical (via NBC News):


The special counsel investigating Donald Trump’s handling of classified documents is seeking to compel a lawyer for the former president to testify before a grand jury, a source familiar with the matter told NBC News.

A sealed filing from prosecutors alleges they have evidence that some of Trump’s conversations with the attorney were in furtherance of a crime, the source said.

In a sign of an aggressive new legal strategy, first reported by The New York Times, the source said special counsel Jack Smith has asked a judge to allow prosecutors to invoke what’s known as the “crime fraud” exception, which would let them sidestep protections afforded to Trump lawyer Evan Corcoran through attorney-client privilege.

The source did not say what questions the government is trying to force Corcoran to answer.

Joe Biden left state secrets at multiple locations and then blamed office packers when all other shoddy pivots failed to catch on with the media. While not involving Trump directly, this move to shred attorney-client privilege to get dirt on Trump isn’t new. The Mueller investigation leaked a fake story about a FISA warrant on Paul Manafort to convince a judge to compel his attorney to testify. When Mar-a-Lago was ransacked by federal agents last August, the FBI absconded with documents protected under such conventions.


With Biden’s classified document fiasco, there are already allegations that the Department of Justice is intentionally bungling the probe, relying solely on Biden’s private attorneys as gospel regarding the chain of custody. And these agents do not exhibit any sense of urgency when recovering the sensitive files vis-à-vis Trump.

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