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Mass Shooting at the Michigan State University Leaves Three Dead; UPDATE: Suspect Is Dead.

AP Photo/Al Goldis

Three people are dead after the tragic mass shooting on the campus of Michigan State University. Five others were wounded in the assault. The suspect opened fire at multiple locations, the first being Berkey Hall a little after 8:15 Monday night. The school issued a shelter-in-place alert around 8:31. The shooter is said to have also made his way to MSU Union. 


The school has canceled classes for the next two days and told its students to keep away from campus during this period. The suspect is still at large and is said to be “black male, shorter in statue, wearing red shoes, a jean jacket, and a ball cap,” according to the police (via Fox News):


 A gunman opened fire inside an academic hall on Michigan State University's campus on Monday evening, leaving three people dead and five others wounded, according to police.

The suspect, described as a short Black male wearing black pants, a blue jacket, and red shoes, was still on the run as of 11:40 p.m. 

All five wounded victims, some of whom have life-threatening injuries, were transported to Sparrow Hospital for treatment. 

Hundreds of law enforcement officers from several different agencies were involved in the search for the suspect on MSU's 5,200-acre campus. 


The FBI, ATF, Michigan State Police, and other agencies were assisting on campus. The FAA implemented temporary flight restrictions over MSU's campus through Wednesday. 

Thoughts and prayers to the victims, though I’m sure what will overshadow everything, including the work of law enforcement when they apprehend this individual, will be the call for more gun control, which will not happen. 

We’ll keep you updated.



UPDATE: The suspect has been found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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