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Al Drago, Pool via AP

Full disclosure: I’m a Media Research Center alum who worked at Newsbusters and CNS News, so I know these guys had a field day last night clipping the endless stream of liberal media inanity. It was an avalanche of lies comparable to the one Joe Biden triggered with his State of the Union address, which was high on volume—literally as he yelled quite a bit—but appallingly thin on how to get America back to work. The 12 million jobs figure is Chinese math; fugazi numbers manufactured by spin doctors from this administration. No one believes that, given that companies are shedding jobs, inflation is high, and we’re in an economic recession. It’s funny how that fact and the Chinese spy balloon incursion were omitted from the address. We’ve had two consecutive quarters of economic contraction under Biden—that’s a recession, folks.


The war on Big Hotels and hidden fees and eliminating noncompete clauses for cashiers at fast food locations are not what’s going to get the working class out of the economic misery they’re in, thanks to Biden’s agenda. Biden then tossed out a total lie about how the GOP is planning to cut Social Security and Medicare, which is a lie, but there was nothing substantive in this speech except noise. Biden’s speech was we ended COVID, I created 12 million jobs, GOP is evil, and America. Also, hidden fees for hotel rooms are immoral. This speech was part of the foundation for Biden’s 2024 pitch, and it fell flat. 

But the liberal media engaged in their usual blitzkrieg to dominate the airwaves propping up this dementia-ridden screed, trying to make this speech into something not seen since Lincoln’s second inaugural address. From descriptors like “Mr. Smooth to brilliant,” the networks and insufferable daytime shows all painted the speech, and the president, as apex communicators managing this nation well: no one believes that. And, of course, the ladies of The View took issue with Marjorie Taylor Greene heckling Biden.



Did I even have to ask how the establishment media would react to this address? No—you all know what these folks were going to say, but we still need to document it.


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