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Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool Photo via AP

Stop, hammer time. A California judge has ordered the release of police bodycam footage and portions of a 911 call from the Paul Pelosi home invasion last October. On October 28, 2022, Paul Pelosi was assaulted by David DePape, who wearing only underwear and armed with hammers, gained access to the home of the former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, though there were no signs of forced entry. Mr. Pelosi let police into the house after escaping to the bathroom to make an emergency phone call. 


That’s when initial reports said DePape attacked Pelosi with a hammer, which led to emergency brain surgery. He fully recovered, but the incident was one of the most bizarre. The security camera footage and the police bodycams weren’t released. Still, a lawsuit filed by multiple news organizations demanded that all video and audio evidence emanating from this bizarre home invasion be released. The motion was granted yesterday (via NBC News): 

A coalition of news organizations will gain access Thursday to all courtroom evidence from last year's attack on then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's husband at their San Francisco home. 

San Francisco County Superior Court Judge Stephen Murphy on Wednesday granted a motion filed by a group of 13 news organizations, including NBC News and The New York Times, requesting the release of evidence in the case against David DePape, the man accused of assaulting Paul Pelosi. 

The evidence consists of video from a body camera worn by an officer who responded at the Pelosis' home on Oct. 28, a 911 call Paul Pelosi made to police, parts of a police interview with DePape and security video taken during the break-in recorded by U.S. Capitol Police in Washington. 


The irony is that the liberal media initially weaponized DePape against the GOP. He was reportedly looking for Mrs. Pelosi, which led to some outlets trying to pin this as a politically motivated assault inspired by GOP attacks on the longtime California Democrat. That narrative quickly died when it was discovered that DePape suffers from severe mental illness; he bought a birdhouse for a fairy he had befriended. He peddles 2020 and January 6 conspiracies but also has pride and Antifa flags outside his home. The man is delusional and off his rocker—that’s all.

It's about time this evidence was released because the report as it stands right now makes no sense. No signs of forced entry. He allowed Mr. Pelosi to escape to the bathroom. Mr. Pelosi opened the door to the police. What is going on here?

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